mardi 14 août 2007

Hail, Glorious Web !

I realised I was quite often sharing pictures, links, ideas, with my buddies, and the thought of putting it all on a web page to make it easier suddenly came this morning. As a bonus, not only them but the whole wide world would be able to have a look at this, and will eventualy exchange some ideas about it. So, english seemed to be the best way to express myself here. There will be no main theme except my own interests, things I find funny or truly interesting, places I might visit and want to talk about, or stuff I shall create with my own two hands of doom and their legion of mad and vicious fingers. Like any blog, I guess, but in much better, of course ! ;)
So welcome to this small cabinet of mine, I hope you'll enjoy it and comment on all the crazy stuff !

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