mercredi 15 août 2007

Royal de Luxe

"Royal de Luxe" isn't only a burger (damned, thinking about it makes me hungry right now...), but also, as I just discovered, the name of an incredible French "street performances" group. This guys have been creating street shows since 1979, but what really blew me away is their more recent work. It's just dreams come true : creatures of epic proportions suddenly appear wandering in the streets, and just live their lives among us, small humans feeling shrinked to the size of insects in comparison... It's Gulliver and the Liliputians, for real.

"Visit of the Sultan of India on his time-travelling elephant"

Created for a Jules Vernes celebration in 2005, this is a steampunk dream ! A gigantic elephant-robot : all the exoticism of the Indian colonies in one huge piece of machinery ! I want one for christmas.
Youtube video of the great beast.

"The Little Girl Giant"

These guys are not only genius craftsmen but also puppetiers extraordinaire ! There's so much life in this "little" girl that you forget about the huge and apparent machinery all around her, and that's a real challenge ! I hope I'll be able to witness that some day...
Watch the every day life of a giant little girl.

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