lundi 29 décembre 2008

The real face(s) of Rome

I recently stumbled upon nice stone busts of roman characters in a museum , some of which appear in the glorious "Rome" tv series, and it was funny to see the "real" faces of those people. Some were quite different, but a few seemed so close to the actors that it suddenly made the tv series an even richer and authentic experience into that troubled moment of History. I thought then that it could be funny to find more of these busts, and make a comparison with the actors. What were those facinating characters really like ? Here's the answer :

Julius Caesar :

Pompey Magnus :

Mark Antony :

Marcus Junius Brutus :

Gaius Octavian :

Quintus Pompey :

Porcius Cato :

Marcus Tullius Cicero :

Cleopatra :

Marcus Agrippa :

Livia :

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