mardi 10 février 2009

Musée Fragonard

Since it reopened recently, it seemed a necessity to return to the very special "Musée Fragonard" in Paris (well, in Maison-Alfort to be precise). Originaly intended for veterinary students, it features an extensive and facinating collection of animal (including human) diseases and anatomy moldings as well as freak specimen (skeletons, taxidermies or preserved in jars). And, of course, as an artistic bonus it shows some of Fragonard's Ecorchés, about which you can learn here. This guy was definitely crazy in the coconut !
Some samples of this must-see collection :

Janus calf :
Veau Janus

Siren baby and an egg in an egg :

Amulets to be put in the ears and the thousand mouths of Hell :

Weirdness aplenty and Chaos made flesh :